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One of the best amenities of living in Blue Ridge is our proximity to the Griffy Lake Nature Preserve. 

There are four trailheads accessible from Dunn Street, two nearest Kenwood Place, one across from Clover Lane, and one at very south end of the Griffy Lake property. Many of these have been established by Blue Ridge resident volunteers over the years.

Trailhead #1: Just north of Kenwood Place with a small gravel parking lot, a path east that leads down to the southeastern cove of Griffy Lake where fishing is possible with a permit, as well as a path south that connects to a longer loop trail. 

Trailhead #2: Just south of Kenwood Place with a small gravel parking lot, a path that leads northeast down to streams and creeks that feed Griffy Lake and provides access to Griffy’s South Shore Trails. There is also right turn to a loop trail that leads south and loops around to the streams and creeks. Finally, from the parking lot, a newer path leads south to trailhead #3.

Trailhead #3: Across from Clover Lane, no parking, runs north to connect with trailhead #2 on a path that roughly follows Dunn Street, and southeast to a foundation from the Hinkle Homestead, and to connect with the southern part of the loop trail. 

Trailhead #4: At the south end of Griffy Lake Nature Preserve, no parking, first runs northeast to connect with trailhead #2 at the Hinkle Homestead, then east to connect with the southern end of the loop trail. From there, a newer trail has been established that connects with Meadowood Pond where there is access to trails on the large ridge north of Meadowood.