Sanitation Services

Trash is collected each week in the trash bins provided by the city to each residence. Trash is collected on Tuesday in Blue Ridge. 

Yard waste is collected every other week from April through December at a cost of $1 per item added to a residence’s utility bill. This can include bundles of sticks, brown paper bags, and metal or plastic containers (less than 35 gallons) of leaves and other yard waste.

For more information on trash collection, visit the City of Bloomington’s page on Trash and Yard Waste Collection.

Yard Waste

Yard Waste Information

Yard waste will be collected every other week between April and December only (to find your specific yard waste collection days, please see your trash magnet or visit the myBloomingtonsite.)  Billing for yard waste is also directly included in the customer’s CBU bill. The fee is $1 per bag or container. 

Acceptable yard waste for collection includes:


Yard waste should be placed at the curb without placing it into a trash or recycling cart (provided that it's placed into paper bags or bundles, as mentioned above).  Additionally, the City always encourages residents to compost their yard waste. 

Yard Waste Carts Available for Purchase (Optional) 

A 64-gallon cart dedicated to residential yard waste collection is an available option to any resident.  It is exactly like a normal 64 gallon trash or recycling cart (same dimensions, has wheels and a green lid) and can be purchased upon request for a one-time charge of $70, which includes Indiana sales tax.  

Although not required for yard waste collection, the new cart option has several benefits for residents.  It eliminates the need to purchase brown paper yard bags or to bundle up sticks, brush, or limbs.  At nearly double the capacity of the 35-gallon plastic or metal waste containers currently allowed for yard waste collection, the wheeled 64-gallon carts can make yard cleanup more efficient.

There is no weight limit on the carts; the only requirement is that the lid be fully closed when the cart is placed at the curb. The cost per pickup of the cart will remain $1 for each collection and that charge will automatically be placed on the resident’s CBU bill.  

If you are interested in purchasing a yard waste cart, please contact the Sanitation Division at (812) 349-3443.