The object of this association shall be to promote the welfare of the property owners and residents of the Blue Ridge neighborhood.

A neighborhood picnic in August 1971 officially launched the Blue Ridge Neighborhood Association. A constitution was drawn up and submitted by a committee appointed at an informal neighborhood meeting. Members of this committee were Rosemary Miller, Dale Womble, Lee Strickholm, Mrs. Kenneth Galloway, and Ben Van Leeuwen.

The constitution committee proposed the election of an executive committee of eight persons. Four of these eight were elected to Association offices. The remaining four members were to chair committees on Neighborhood development and welfare, traffic and safety, external affairs, and membership and social events.

Dale Womble, who was the first Association President, said that “the group wants to create more sociability among Blue Ridge residents, work for items of interest for the neighborhood and promote things which are good for the community as a whole” (Herald Times, April 22, 1973).